Spanner Man

John Piccoli -AKA The Spanner Man- lives on a property near Bendigo in Victoria.

John says that he had always done a lot of welding. It is something that he finds easy to do and enjoys. He has a good workshop on the property and has accumulated tens of thousands of spanners over time. In the early 1980´s he began making his sculptures using spanners that he welds together into 3D shapes. His first masterpiece was a coffee table, then two of them, then garden seats and now life-sized animals. Because he was using up his spanners so quickly, he then had to start buying more, which he still does today.

He visualises in his head how he is going to do it and then proceeds without the use of drawings. Because he is now confined to a wheelchair, John works mainly on the ground and manoeuvres the pieces around with the use of ropes and overhead pulleys. It is truly remarkable how he does this.

The Spanner Man's Spanners
The Spanner Man Himself
The Spanner Man Park Bench 1
The Spanner Man Park Bench 2
The Spanner Man Bull
The Spanner Man Fisherman
The Spanner Man Fountian
The Spanner Man Lady
The Spanner Man Horse and Cart
The Spanner Man Horses
The Spanner Man Horse Rider
The Spanner Man Marlin
The Spanner Man Seat
The Spanner Man Wagon
The Spanner Man Wall art
The Spanner Man and his wife


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